CRNA Career Guide: Anesthesia Machine Check

anesthesia machine check CRNA Career Pro

Setting up your anesthesia machine for a case is very important and needs to be done every time you have a case. This is how you maintain safety and make sure your case goes smoothly. A lot of times the turn over rate is so fast you only have a few minutes to set up. This can make it very easy to forget something which could result in a disaster.

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How Hard is CRNA School: The Interview

CRNA School Interview

Ever wonder “How hard is the CRNA school interview?” The truth is that the interview is the make it or break it for you. This is where the school decides if they want to offer you a spot in their program. There are a few things you need to remember when you go. First STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!. Prepare for this interview like you life depended on it.

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Top Nurse Anesthetist Programs: Requirements

CRNA School Requirements

All the top Nurse Anesthetist programs have the same basic requirements structure. You will find that most schools are very similar with only slight variations to what they require for their application. With that said, it is important to know that a few schools have unique requirements, which we discuss later, but for now here is a general list of what you can expect to see on a school’s website.

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Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia Vs DNAP


There is a mandate that by 2025 all graduate programs in nurse anesthesia will be awarding a Doctorate Of Nursing Practice Degree (DNAP) in-place of the Masters Of Science In Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA). The DNAP specializes solely in anesthesia, and is the highest level you can achieve in the nurse anesthesia profession.

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