University Medical Center Breckenridge (CRNA School Clinical)

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University medical center brackenridge CRNA School Admissions

Austin, Texas


Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Review

“This was an ok clinical site overall. You do get a variety of cases, but nothing too difficult. They staff are friendly, and don’t mind helping you out. Familiarize yourself with the hand outs that the sites provides prior to beginning the clinical portion. Try to be very organized with tubes, lines, cables, etc. Expect to be there at 0600 and leave ~1700. I enjoyed this clinical site, and would recommend it to others”. (B. Woodard RRNA)


 CRNA School Clinical Site Summary

Nurse Anesthesia students at this site enjoy a slow paced learning environment. This hospital doesn’t get a lot of complicated surgeries (i.e. traumas, CABGs, craniotomies, etc.), which limits the opportunities for the CRNA students to learn. Friendly staff can be one of the biggest factors determining your clinical experience. When CRNAs and Anesthesiologists are willing to help and talk things out with you, it provides a setting much more conducive to learning. There are a lot of Nurse Anesthesia sites that do not provide a good learning environment, because the staff are belittling and sometimes rude to students. If you find yourself at a site like that, just keep your head up and stay focused. Graduation will be just around the corner before you know it. The schedule at this location is pretty average, and does not include a huge number of hours each week. Overall Nurse Anesthesia students tend to like this clinical site, and often times they choose to stay and work there after graduating.


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