History of Anesthesia

CRNA History CRNA Career Pro

Anesthesia: interventions that eliminate the pain of surgery that provides partial or total loss of sensation. Loss of ability to feel pain by medical intervention.

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Top CRNA Schools by Cost

CRNA School Cost CRNA CareerPro

CRNA schools are listed below by the total cost of their entire program. This is calculated by combining tuition, expenses, and fees for that specific program. The information was taken directly from each school’s website. We provide the most up to date information, and are always updating our page.

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Top CRNA School Rankings

CRNA School Rankings

CRNA program rankings are based on peer review meaning that other school’s administrators, deans, and faculty are the ones doing the surveys. Each program is sent the same number of surveys, and the respondents then rate the academic quality of the program on a scale of 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding). Only fully accredited programs were ranked in this survey.

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CRNA School Case Requirements

CRNA School case requirements

The clinical component of a CRNA program provides supervised direct patient care experiences for students. They are able to evolve, apply a variety of anesthesia techniques and monitoring techniques, improve critical thinking skills, and apply evidence-based knowledge to clinical problems. All graduates are required to complete a minimum of 550 cases containing a wide variety and diversity of anesthesia experiences.

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