CRNA Career Guide: Anesthesia Machine Check

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CRNA career guide


CRNA Career Guide: What is “SAMMTIDE”

Here is a helpful way to guide you through an anesthesia machine check. Setting up your anesthesia machine for a case is very important and needs to be done every time you have a case. This is how you maintain safety and make sure your case goes smoothly. A lot of times the turn over rate is so fast you only have a few minutes to set up. This can make it very easy to forget something which could result in a disaster. For this very reason you can use the following to help you remember:  (SAMMTIDE)


S– uction

A– irway (ETT, oral airways, Laryngoscope with properly sized blade)

M– achine check

M– onitors (BP cuff, Pulse ox, EKG, temp probe, etc)

T– ape (for eyes and ETT)

I– V (extra IV start kit)

D– rugs

E– quipment (fluid warmer, warming blanket, blood tubing, etc)




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