Tips on How to Pass the CRNA School Interview

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Tips for passing the CRNA school interview

I Passed the CRNA School Interview

When I received a letter from the University asking me for an interview, I was ecstatic! I was literally screaming, jumping up and down as my children joined in on the little party I created in my living room. I then researched the school because honestly, I knew very little about the school, nonetheless, the actual program. I took some quick notes, wrote down a few facts, and even google’d any reviews on the school and/or program. Here is what I found, I knew I had to stand out in the interview; do something, say something, SOMETHING! That’s what it’s all about, really. Being able to stand out, the right way, of course. I didn’t want to be that annoying applicant who asked A MILLION questions. Instead, I wanted to be that applicant who asked ONE important question.

Ace The CRNA School Interview

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I Began to Study my Old CCRN Notes

After I did that homework, which really consumed just 10 minutes of my life, I re-read all my CCRN notes. I knew that some programs asked both personal and clinical questions, because THIS girl was going to stand out. I also paid particular attention to my wardrobe that day. A silk light pink blouse with navy blue pants and lavender colored heels. Again, play it easy with the colors; you want to look professional at all times. If you’re wondering if something is right or not, ask yourself this, “Can I walk in this? Can I sit in this? Do I feel comfortable in this?”


Tips on How to Pass the CRNA School Interview

5 Tips for getting Into CRNA School

So I walked into the building thinking, “Fake it till you make it. I got this!” This was a tip that I actually in an article called, “5 tips for getting into CRNA school” that I read before my interview. So with full confidence I opened the door and stepped in, grabbed my name badge, sat down at an empty table and reviewed the packet they had made for all the applicants. I scanned the paperwork, looking for important key points, and possibly something to ask about, to show I actually read the documents. I didn’t find anything interesting really. During the group interview, I made sure to ask at least one question, specifically one I found online. The internet is an amazing resource, make sure you use it. I knew I stood out then, because it was relevant to the information they had previously shared, but never addressed. Neither was it something boring like, “how far away is that hospital?” That question tells the whole class and staff you didn’t do your homework. (p.s I had no idea how far they really were nor did I really care to know. I will cross that bridge when I get there.)

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Talking With Current CRNA School Students

After the group interview, we were received by the upcoming graduating class. Usually, I tend to start conversations first and always start by talking about them. “So tell me how excited you are on graduating in a few months” That made them smile, laugh and exhale. Voila, I just broke that ice! During an interview, you want to be present, both physically and mentally. Crack a joke, here and there, listen and relate to what is being said. Make sure you talk to every student, ask them for pointers or tips on how to start preparing for nurse anesthesia school. One student even gave me her phone number so that I can call her when I was accepted, and in case I had any questions afterwards. Very friendly! I also knew I had to scope out the parents and really ask them how they did it. I am a mom of 2 young ones, and wanted to hear how they did it.

Now my Interview Starts!

Once in the room, for the personal interview, I just felt the heaviness in the room. In fact, if they ask me one day, I will encourage the staff to redesign how they approach the student, to make it more inviting and less stressful. I felt the heaviest negative energy coming from one particular CRNA staff member. I walked in the room, smiled and had eye contact with all of them, “Wow, this isn’t stressful at all” Some of them laughed, others smiled, but HE didn’t. I remember talking, and making sure I highlighted certain aspects of my personal life and career. I said all the things they wanted to hear, the blah blah blah. Fake it till you make it, baby.

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They asked me how I dealt with stress, and of course gave the perfect answer. They also asked if I have been preparing for nurse anesthesia school, and what I saw myself doing in five years. This made me think on the spot, so again I gave them an answer they wanted to hear, or maybe even didn’t think they would hear. “I want to teach” I said it and then realized what I said. But I went ahead and played out the idea, good enough to even convince myself. WOW, maybe that is what I want to do.


Tips on How to Pass the CRNA School Interview

So Did I Gain Admission Into CRNA School?

I tried really hard to get the CRNA to laugh or even smile, but I don’t think he did. They asked me the clinical question and thought I did a good job in answering (thank you CCRN review cards). Know your limits, do not make things up because they will know, instead, admit you don’t know. This shows you are a safe nurse. I left the building smiling, confident and STARVING. I was 80% sure I made it, and 20% uncertain. I guess I underestimated myself, because I got in. All 100% of me. I did it!

But till this day, I guess I will never know if he (the CRNA) ever did smile. Oh well, my glass is half full, I hope his is too.

How to Ace the Anesthesia Interview

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A. Miller RRNA



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