Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist: My Last Day in ICU

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Beginning My Journey to Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

Because I worked in the float pool before I quit my nursing job, my last day was nothing but another typical day in the good old ICU. Everyone congratulated me and wished me the best. But I must say that ever since I got accepted into CRNA school, my attitude changed. For example, I have always been the type to request the sickest patient or to help run the hospital’s rapid response when they were short. Basically, you can say I was a little bit of an “adrenaline junkie”. After I found out I was accepted, I stopped caring what type of patients I got. I wasn’t looking for that “adrenaline” nor was I going to compete with other nurses to get the sickest patient. I was going to go in, do what I loved best, and clock out! You see, I was also the assistant manager in one Unit at one time, and learned that administration is not for me.

Everyone wants someone to point to, and I don’t do well with pessimistic people. Instead, I like helping others from the sidelines, and not get involved with drama or politics. After getting accepted I was basically on cruise control. I didn’t have to prove anything and I didn’t need another checkmark on my application’s experience checklist. No matter what type of day I had, it was ok because I was moving on to bigger and better things. It’s not that I didn’t care anymore, in fact, I worked every day with a smile, it was the fact six years of hard work was finally paying off.

I will ever be grateful for that CRNA admission and the satisfaction training at the best CRNA school has given me.


S. Cantu RRNA

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