CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

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CRNA School Admissions

Gaining Admission Into CRNA School Is Competitive

Thousands of nurses apply to nurse anesthetist schools every year, and that number continues to grow with an increasing number of participants in the medical field. Nurse Anesthesia used to be one of healthcare’s best kept secrets, however recently, it has become a very popular career choice. The reason is that many nurses are looking to further their education, make more money, have more autonomy, and enjoy better working conditions. Most of the people trying to gain admission into CRNA school are very qualified and have a shining resume. There are 7 qualified applicants for every 1 position in CRNA School, so make sure you prepare hard, and be that one person.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

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Why Do I Need Help Getting Admission Into CRNA School

There are over 110 accredited CRNA programs in the United States, and they all have their own CRNA school admission requirements. This can make the application process a little difficult especially when applying to several schools. For example, lets say you choose two schools to apply to and one school requires the CCRN, and the other one doesn’t. To make things a little more tricky, lets say the school that doesn’t require the CCRN places a lot of emphasize on the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). You only have a limited amount of time to study, because application deadlines are right around the corner, and you are not sure which one to focus on first. What will end up happening is you will rush to get both the CCRN and GRE completed, and score poorly on both. This has just hurt your chances of getting an interview at either school.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

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Lets look at another example. You decide to apply to three different schools, each of which has different requirements for applying. Two of the schools want a chemistry course within 3 years of applying, one school only requires a Statistics course, and all three have different application deadlines. On top of that you realize that all three schools hold there interviews in the same week as each other. These are just a few examples of how the application process can become very stressful if it is not approached in a systematic manner. When applying to several Nurse Anesthetist programs it can be very easy to mix up schools and make mistakes.

How to Get Into CRNA School: Admission Requirements

Mistakes Made by Applicants

Mailed the wrong application. (Sent a TCU application to TWU)

Missed the application deadline.

Only job shadowed 1 CRNA when the school required 2.

Didn’t submit GRE scores to school.

Wrote the wrong school’s name on the application.

Personal essay was too long.

Got a reference letter from their director when the school required it to be from their charge nurse.

Sent in the wrong amount for the application fee.

CRNA School Admissions The Cold Hard Facts customer review

“I had offers from 3 top CRNA schools, Minneapolis School of Anesthesia, Samford University, and Webster University. I am 100% certain that this eBook was what made the difference.” (W. Collins RRNA)

Great Customer Reviews

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

Why This Program Works

All of our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist have been through the application process, and know the most efficient way to tackle this amazing task of gaining admission into CRNA schools. In addition, we continuously network with program directors all across the country, and find out exactly what they are looking for in their applicants. We have created a program that you can follow regardless of where you are at in the application process. Wether you are a first year nursing student or a seasoned ICU nurse, we will show you what to focus on first, how to pick a school, prepare you for your interview, and even show you how to ace your first semester.

CRNA Career Pro customer review 2

“I am amazed how many helpful tips are given to you in this program. The advice they give you isn’t something you would know unless you had already been through the process of applying to schools. I definitely had an edge over the other applicants. Getting accepted the first year I applied was a great feeling.” (M. Reynolds. RRNA)

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts is broken up into 5 different phases (Analysis Phase, Preparation Phase, Development Phase, Implementation Phase, and Acceptance Phase). Our program focuses on every aspect of the application process. We want to make sure that you attain all the important certifications, classes, work experience, and form a professional application that will catch the eye of any CRNA school. On top of that, we want to save you time and money, and make this a truly exciting time in your life. Below is a breakdown of the 5 phases we use to optimize your school application.

Analysis Phase

Your Starting Point

All our customers trying to gain admission into CRNA school will off with the “Analysis phase”, and this is where we will help you to examine your current starting point in the application process. Everyone has different work experience, so it is important to figure out what things you specifically will need to focus on first. During the Analysis phase we will be focusing on three different starting points: 1) Pre-nursing and Nursing school, 2) Current nurse with no ICU experience, and 3) Current ICU nurse. Our team of CRNAs have constructed an ideal pathway for each one, and that is why it is so important for the applicant to take the time, and get a good idea of where they are in the application process.


Preparation Phase

Saving For School

Adequate preparation can make the difference between getting accepted and falling short. Smart students drop out every year because they were not financially prepared for the burden that school can place on a family. The reason this section is so important is that without adequate funding, you cannot pay for tests like the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Critical Care Registered Nurse Exam (CCRN); you cannot purchase study materials, and you cannot pay for the chemistry class that some schools required within 3 years of applying.

CRNA Career Guide customer testimonial

“I had excellent grades in my undergrad, stellar GRE scores, CCRN, however I wasn’t sure I could afford to go to CRNA school. I was surprised how CRNA School Admissions: The cold Hard Facts was able to show me a simple and easy way to start saving for CRNA school. I managed to get accepted into 3 programs and save over half of the tuition cost before I even started. This eBook probably saved me thousands of dollars.” (K. Walker RRNA)

Each school you apply to can range between $30 and $100 per application. All of these expenses fall into what we like to call your “School Fund”.  We will show you how to pay for all of these items , and also give information about all the student loans available to you.


Developmental Phase

Areas To Work

Every CRNA school admission committee wants the most qualified applicants in their program. This section is dedicated to improving your resume by showing you all the areas schools look at when considering an applicant. We will discuss in detail what areas give you the best work experience, and how that will effect your chances of getting into school. Not all work experience is equal in the eyes of the admission committee, so it is important to know what they are looking for. Surgical ICU is preferred for a number of reasons, with the biggest being that they take care of very acute patients. Nurses who care for these patients are well trained in managing Swanz Ganz catheters (which record cardiac output, wedge pressures, systemic vascular resistance, CVP, etc…) Along with understanding all the important values and ranges for these hemodynamics, nurses are required to know how the different vaso active drips will affect these readings.

CRNA Career Guide testimonial

“I was horrible at interviews. I would get nervous, stumble over my words, and I was positive that it would keep me out of CRNA school. The interview tips in this eBook gave me confidence to make a great impression on the admission committee and ultimately get an offer. I am currently a RRNA at Boston College’s CRNA school. If you aren’t good at interviews I highly recommend this eBook.” (F. Stevenson RRNA)

A potential interview question could be “what is the normal value of systemic vascular resistance, and how would that number be altered if the patient developed cardiogenic shock?” “What vaso active medications would you anticipate the doctor to order in this situation and why?” Work experience is also important when it comes time for the interview. Schools will assess your current level of knowledge by asking you clinically based questions. This is probably one of the most important aspects of getting accepted, so you want to be prepared.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

CRNA School Admissions The Cold Hard Facts 3

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We also cover the different organizations out there and what they offer. You need to join as many healthcare related organizations that you can, and include them in you curriculum vitae. It is as simple as that. Throughout life you have been told that grades are not everything, and that colleges are looking for active students; this application is no different. CRNA school admission committees want to see that you are an active member in the medical community.


Curriculum Vitae

You will be shown how to correctly form your curriculum vitae. This is your resume, CV, and portfolio type materials which every school you apply to will require.  We are going to cover what you need to include on your resume, proper formats, and little tricks to show that you are professional and take pride in your accomplishments.

The average CRNA program can look at hundreds of resumes. Most CRNA schools are really looking for a reason not to interview you so don’t give them one! You also will be provided with an actual curriculum vitae that helped an applicant gain admission into a Nurse Anesthesia program.


Job shadowing

This is a crucial part of the application process. Most schools require you to job shadow at least once with a CRNA, and have documented proof. Some schools will provide you with a questionnaire on their website. You will be given tips and strategies that will enable you to go far beyond what is required when shadowing a CRNA. These tips will show schools that you are a strong applicant, and are willing to work hard.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts also includes a Job Shadowing Checklist that will help you gather all the necessary material for your application. It will show you what questions to ask while shadowing, and how to use those answers in your personal essay.

CRNA Career Pro testimonial

This eBook gave me a clear laid out plan that I followed. I passed the CCRN, scored really well on the GRE, and even got accepted to Georgetown Universities CRNA program. If you are serious about CRNA school I recommend this eBook. If I can get into nurse anesthesia school anyone can.” (S. Strickland RRNA)

Graduate Records Exam (GRE)

Graduate schools use this as a predictor to tell them how well you will do in an upper level academic environment. They also use this to rank you with other applicants. The truth is that this test is nothing more than a hoop to jump through in order to get into CRNA School. It does not indicate how intelligent you are or even how well you will do in graduate school. We supply you with test structure, study tips, and the best time to take the test. Our “Quick Tips” will show you the best way to get a high score on this exam, and secure that interview.



With the GRE out of the way it is time to start preparing for the Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) , which is “Must Have” when we talk about important certifications. Some schools do not have the CCRN requirement, but we promise you that if you want to get accepted into a CRNA program, you will need to get the CCRN certification. The CCRN certification is a credential granted by the AACN Certification Corporation. It validates your knowledge of nursing care of acutely/or critically ill patients to administrators, peers, patients, and most importantly, to yourself. You will be provided with information about, eligibility requirements, test fees, test format, test scores, and study material that will prepare you very prepared for this test. Many hospitals also offer a raise to critical care nurses who have this certification. More money is always a good thing!


Extra Courses

One thing you can do to really capture a CRNA school admission committee’s  attention is to take a graduate level class before applying. This shows schools that you are able to handle the work load that CRNA school will bring. Our program will show which courses you should take, and how this will have a positive impact on your application. Having these graduate classes on your transcripts looks really good as it shows you have high regard for pursuing your education, and being the best nurse possible.


Implementation Phase

Starting Your Application

The Implementation Phase of our program is where we will take everything that you have done during the Development Phase, and turn it into a stellar application that will be very competitive during the application process. We will be discussing ways to find schools, start the application process, practice for  interviews, and save money doing it. We have also included tools for you to use such as our “Application Checklist”, that will help you organize all your materials so that you don’t leave anything out.

In addition, you will receive an example of an actual personal essay that helped get an applicant an interview, and ultimately an acceptance letter. You will also be refereed back to our website where you can search through our detailed summary of every CRNA school, and match yourself with programs based on cost, location, requirements, GRE scores, GPA and numerous other variables that we have collected.



This your time to really impress the CRNA school admission committee, and secure your spot in their program. In order to do this you are going to have to really prepare, because we can promise you, that all of the other applicants will be at the top of their game. This is why you will be given examples of actual interview questions from real CRNA school interviews. Proper clothing will also be discussed along with reviews from applicants about their experiences at various school interviews. Make sure you know everything about the interview, the date, what time to be there, what to bring, how long it will last, where it is and how to get there. This is so important, because if you can’t make it to the interview or don’t bring required material, you have done a whole lot of work for nothing. When preparing for an interview it is important to practice practice practice!!!! Check out our CRNA School Interview: Bonus Pack. It includes practice tests and study guides that will help prepare you for the nurse anesthesia school interview. All the material comes from real CRNA school interviews that were held all across the country.

To really shine you must have someone read you interview questions and practice answering them. Go over clinical and non clinical type questions. This will help you to recall the answers during the interview, because you have already answered the question, and it will give you a good idea of what you will say. Inside we also include “Quick Tips”, which are strategies that current students used to nail the interview, and get an offer on the spot.

Free School Interview Practice Test

Acceptance Phase

What To Do Once Accepted

By this time you have been gained admission into an accredited CRNA program, and the hard part is over. Now all you have to do is wrap up any loose ends. This is important because you must meet all the requirements that the school has. You need to know if there is anything the school still requires you to do before starting the program. Do you need to take any refresher courses? If the answer is “yes”, then you need to make this a priority. Also, you need to start doing all the necessary steps to attain student loans. Moving will also be an important aspect in your planning, so you need to start early.

CRNA School Prep Course

Start Preparing for Nurse Anesthesia School!

If you want to stay in the dorms, then you need to contact the school, and find out cost and availability. This is an easy way to save money, but it comes with a lot of distractions. We have also put together a CRNA School Prep Course that will make sure you will have a strong educational foundation in anesthesia before you start.


Bonus Lesson (Ace Your First Semester)

Starting CRNA School

This can be very difficult if you are unable to get into the studying mode really quickly. The total number of hours that you study isn’t important. You must be able to prioritize information, and create a way to store all that information in a very short time. Our Bonus Lesson will show you the best ways to form study groups, study for test, manage stress, take notes, and transition into life as a CRNA student.


Actual Anesthesia Topics

We have also included all the topics that you can expect to see in school. Along with study topics, we have also listed current text books that numerous CRNA schools use in their programs. We know you are eager to start learning, and will want to use this time before school starts to get ahead. Our goal is to give you as many resources as possible to begin learning, because we know that you are dying to begin.


CONGRATULATIONS on taking the very first steps towards becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). You are in for an amazing journey that will be filled with ups and downs, but in the end you are going to be part of an amazing profession. Getting accepted into CRNA school isn’t an easy task, but with our help you will be able to fine tune your application, formulate great interview skills, construct a strong personal essay, and put yourself far ahead of the competition.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts
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