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Nursing Blogs: A Valuable Resource

Nursing blogs are a great way for any nurse or nursing student to stay up to date with current nursing topics, researched based practices, changes in healthcare, and many other issues that impact us as nurses. You will be given tips and advice in many different areas such as, “Self-care for Nurses”, “Mentoring in the Nursing Profession”, “New Nursing Graduates in Specialty Areas”, “5 Practical Ways to Bring Mindfulness to the Bedside”, and those are just a few of the valuable nursing blogs available to you.


Our “Favorites” List

The Nerdy Nurse – This amazing nursing blog is hosted by Brittany Wilson BSN, RN who is a talented award winning author and blogger. She also has a background as a professional speaker, and has made a name for herself in the land of social media. Brittany has graced the nursing community with this amazing resource called “The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology”. Any nurse looking to acquire the tools needed to further their careers, become well respected among their employers and fellow staff, and improve their skills should take advantage of this great resource!

The Bossy Nurse – Marsha Battee has created this stunning blog to help nurse avoid burnout, follow their passion, and excel both personally and professionally. Marsha just like all nurses began her career with a growing passion to learn and become the best nurse possible. Once she was off to the races she began to see certain areas in the profession that could be harmful to her career and even her health. She loved her career so much it led her to address such issues as nursing burnout, lack of resources for nurses, and stress/exhaustion from 12-14 hour shifts. This inspired her to create her spectacular nursing blog that would help educate and motivate her fellow nurses. Take advantage of her free gift 25 Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurship.

The Balanced Nurse – This well known blog is hosted by Eileen Spillane, and has been placed on the top 25 Nursing Blog List. Eileen has practiced in the nursing profession for 25 years, and during that time acquired experience in areas such as critical care, oncology, Medical-Surgical nursing, high risk obstetrics, and PACU. She is also certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in holistic/integrative medicine from NYU. Eileen combines compassion and humor to connect with fellow nurses and help inspire them to accomplish their goals. She uses a direct non-judemental approach to keep her clients motivated and pursuing their dreams. You can receive free weekly tips from Eileen on her spectacular nursing blog The Balanced Nurse.

The Nursing Site Blog – Kathy Quan BSN, RN PHN has 30 years of experience in the field of nursing. Her main areas of expertise are home health and hospice, where she worked as a field nurse, nursing supervisor, branch manager, and in quality improvement. She is the author of several successful books including “The Everything New Nurse Book”, “150 Tips and Tricks for Nurses”, and “The New Nurse Handbook”. Her nursing blog has a vast amount of important topics that are specific to the field of nursing. The Nursing Blog Site is a top notch nursing blog, and it comes highly recommended.


CRNA School Blogs

If you are interested in reading blogs related to CRNA school or the application process please feel free to look through our Student Blog section. We have included tips and strategies that will enable you to pick a CRNA school, create a stellar application, ace the interview, and be accepted into a top Nurse Anesthesia program. Our blogs are written by both CRNAs and CRNA students to give you the latest on what Nurse Anesthesia programs are looking for in their applicants. This is truly a spectacular resource for anyone who is looking to gain admission into CRNA school.

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