Surviving CRNA School’s Senioritis!

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Surviving CRNA School’s Senioritis!


Preparing for Nurse Anesthesia School Graduation

Ok so I have 88 days left until I am walking the stage for my CRNA school graduation. It’s not like I am counting the days or anything, haha! Ok maybe I am, and maybe… I started counting down really early when there was lets say… 365 days left in the program. Yes that sounds a little excessive, but after 2 years of nursing school, working in ICU, researching CRNA school interview tips, and countless hours studying for anesthesia tests, I think it is completely normal to have such anticipation for my big day!

Things are starting to slow down, and we have pretty much finished all the “important” material that is covered in class. Our main goal now is to start preparing for Nurse Anesthesia School’s national boards. Lets just say that is easier said than done. I am going over the Valley Anesthesia’s Course Manual, also known as their “sweat book” for the third time, and I am starting to get nervous because there is so much material to cover. I have a pretty good grasp on the subject matter, its just you don’t know what questions they might ask. Okay thats enough about preparing for boards, I’m starting to get stressed out. 😉

CRNA School Interview Practice Test

Back to what I was saying about graduating. I am definitely coming down with a bad case of “senioritis”! The students who are just now starting their clinical portion of the program have just arrived to our hospital, and WOW! It’s hard to believe that I was once in their shoes… scared to death, had never intubated a patient, or even placed an epidural. It is amazing how much you grow while in clinicals. Since they arrive the focus has shifted off of us and onto them, which is nice because flying under the radar is the best way to survive CRNA school.


Surviving CRNA School’s Senioritis!

The Hard Part of CRNA School is Almost Over

I still have to take call, which is ok when we’re not busy. However, if we’re slammed, I am lucky to get a bathroom break much less eat lunch. I really shouldn’t complain too much, because it really is great experience. Most of my big surgical cases came when I was on call. These are the experiences that nurse anesthesia students die for. Providing anesthesia to a patient who was in a major trauma will really test your skills. These cases usually require multiple IV lines, placement of an arterial line, possibly a central line, and diligent monitoring of hemodynamics and blood products. If you can take care of these patients you can take care of anyone.

CRNA School Application Tips

With graduation around the corner, I figured I might need to start looking for a job. It’s not like I have a ton of student loans to pay back or anything, haha. I am actually considering staying at the hospital where I am doing my clinicals. It is a great hospital, and a lot of top nurse anesthesia programs send their students here. Plus the staff are nice, and I already now my way around the OR, so the transition from a student to a CRNA would be pretty easy. They have already offered me a position, I just need to let them know if I accept it or not. It will be nice to start getting a paycheck again, and stop being a broke nurse anesthesia student!

Well I just looked at the clock and it is 12:01 AM, so you know what that means… only 87 days left till graduation!!!

T. Monroe RRNA “Over excited senior CRNA student”
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