Meeting My CRNA School Classmates

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First Week of CRNA School

So the first week of CRNA school was actually orientation week, and I remember it felt like the first day of high school. I knew a few people from working at the same hospital, but everyone else was new. On the first day they had the NP and anesthesia students all together in one room. So honestly, I wasn’t really sure who was doing NP and who was doing nurse anesthesia.

Once they separated us into the correct respective groups, I could then tell who I would be slaving away with for the next 27 months in nurse anesthetist school. We had to do one of those annoying ice breaker games. So they had all of us find a partner, and list 5 things about each other that we didn’t know. Then we all had to stand up, and tell something else about ourselves. It was kind of fun, I just wasn’t used to being the center of attention. Welcome to anesthesia school where you WILL be the center of attention. Haha!

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Getting to Know Your Classmates

At my particular anesthesia program we have a satellite program with another state, so those students were up here for the entire summer before even clinical started. I think we started off with probably 27 students  between the two programs and ended with 24 at graduation. It’s always hard to lose the people we get close to in CRNA school. My advice for anyone who is interested in gaining admission into CRNA school, is to help those who are struggling. Think about it this way, the more people that fail out, the more call shifts you will have to take, and that’s not fun for anyone! Not to mention that they have worked really hard to get this far, and if it was you you’d appreciate the help.

It’s always hard to meet new people, but everyone in nurse anesthesia school seemed really nice and willing to help each other out. Of course everyone has their own crazy ways, but we are all nurses and somewhat all have a type A personality. Not to mention we are high achievers and very hard on ourselves. Sometimes other people’s OCD ways are hard to deal with, haha.

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Once CRNA School Started

Once CRNA school started we all hung out a lot towards the beginning and would frequently go eat after tests. As clinical progressed, that became less and less common because of call our shifts, other obligations, etc. Here is another tip on how to become a Nurse Anesthetist…make friends with your classmates, they are going to be the ones going through the same things as you. Plus they can be great study partners, and help you with the tough topics. One thing I have seen in Nurse Anesthetist school is people throwing each other under the bus. Please don’t do that to each other. Everyone will have opportunities to do all the cases you want. What happens is nurse anesthesia students start fighting over cases and manipulating the schedule. Trust me this can cause you to lose friends real quick. Overall this is a very exciting time, and should be enjoyed to the fullest. I wouldn’t give up my experiences in CRNA school for anything. If you are about to take this journey I wish you the best of luck!

W. Walker RRNA

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How to Get Admission Into CRNA School

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