Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth (CRNA School Clinical Experience)

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Harris Methodist Hospital CRNA School Admissions

Fort Worth, Texas


Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Review

Harris is overall a good/great clinical site. We work Monday-Friday 5:15ish to whenever your room is done–usually between 3-5 p.m. I normally have between 52-60 hours/week. No call shifts. There are always about 11-12 residents from TWU/TCU combined. We rotate working evening shifts (3-11). Every 2 weeks it’s someone else’s turn. I have only worked 1 2 week period of evening shifts. We also rotate to the outpatient surgery center attached to Harris called Clearkfork. Clearfork rotation is the same as the evening schedule. When at Clearkfork it is a very posh 2 weeks. Get there about 6:30 and leave no later than 2.

We do a lot of neurosurgery at Harris. He will get a ton of experience in big, long complicated cases. Our patients are all sick as well. Though I think this is a good thing about Harris because it is great experience, it is also very stressful. Those cases make for long days–even if your out at a good time. I was in clinical for over 2 months before I had an ASA I patient. As far as other cases go, he will get a well rounded education in ortho, general surgery, gyn, ENT, cardiac/thoracic, etc.

For the most part the CRNAs treat us well. I would say about 80-85% of them are great to work with.  Most of the CRNA’s are easy to work with and are willing to teach. One thing that really sucks about Harris is the CRNAs aren’t allowed to leave you alone, ever. It was a good thing in the beginning, but now its just old. MDAs like to do all the central lines as well. I haven’t got to place one yet. Any kind of FOI, the MDA is doing it. To get to do that kind of thing, it has to be the right situation, right CRNA, right MDA, and right surgeon.

I’ve enjoyed my time at Harris, but given the nature of the complicated cases we are always doing coupled with the sick patients, some days you are just really grateful for a lap chole. I wish I would have known more about Harris before I got there. Not sure I would have been prepared either way, but still. (J. Reed RRNA)


CRNA School Clinical Experience Summary

This site has slightly higher hours than other nurse anesthesia clinical sites.  A lot of places will have their students work 8 hours a day 5 days a week plus call. This averages to about 40-50 hours per week. Recently they have passed a law preventing CRNA students from working more than 16 hours in a day. This is a GREAT idea. When you are a student and having to do 24 hr call shifts (plus school work) it is just too much, and not to mention unsafe. I think this law was long overdue and will help protect the nurse anesthesia students. One of the drawbacks is the lack of autonomy the students get at this site. Being in an OR alone is a great time to learn. It helps you develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Not every site allows their students to be left alone, which is a shame. It hinders their learning and makes them less prepared as graduates.


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