Getting to Know the CRNA School Instructors

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CRNA School Admissions

Our CRNA School Instructors

Our anesthesia lectures were taught mainly by the program director, two of the clinical site coordinators, and multiple guest CRNA lecturers. The great thing about my program was that although it was a MSNA program, we didn’t have just strictly doctorate nurse educators teaching us the material, but CRNAs and Anesthesiologists as well teaching us and how to relate it all into the real world. When I was trying to get into CRNA school I wanted a program like this. I always feel like a lot of your education depends on how experienced your instructors are. I by far was very happy with my choice of CRNA school.

The majority of the instructors were excellent educators and made the material easy to understand, and the questions on tests were pretty straight-forward. I’ll just say the program director wears too many hats. Not only is she the program director and has to manage the junior and senior classes, but also the ones just coming in. I would go crazy. She has all of the political responsibilities, but she also taught the majority of our classes, so I was impressed.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

First Day of CRNA School

The first day in CRNA school was a little intimidating because we met so many instructors. Most of them seemed really nice and genuine. A few seemed a little intimidating, and I felt like I was going to feel stupid if they asked me a question, and I didn’t know the answer to it. I was more intimidated by the instructors in the clinical setting as opposed to the classroom, surprisingly. Mostly because they were the ones that seemed to pimp us the most, and I felt like they had my academic progression in their hands.

Every instructor in nurse anesthesia school had a different way of teaching, so naturally I liked some better than others. A few of them would just sit up in front of the class and just read. One instructor would mumble and talk too fast, and I could never follow along with what he was trying to teach. His test questions also tended to be the hardest, so for his lectures I was always having to go back and re-read, and find other sources to learn the material. When preparing for nurse anesthesia school just know this may happen to you. Studying outside the classroom becomes second nature, and something you could do in your sleep.

How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist

The best nurse anesthesia instructors were the guest CRNA lecturers. Although they had been out of academia for awhile, they always brought clinical applications to the table and always had a way to help us remember key anesthetic facts that would help us in the clinical portion of CRNA school. I’m a visual learner so anytime I could watch a video or physically apply it to clinical practice I could always remember.

After You Get Into CRNA School

I highly recommend becoming friends with all your instructors. The have you educational future in their hands, so you don’t want to get on their bad side. It also makes it easier to talk to them when you are trying to clarify something they covered in class. Getting into CRNA school is only half the battle, not failing out is the other, haha. Just remember your instructors used to when exactly where you are at now, so don’t let them intimidate you too much.

Best of luck to you,
L. Carlson RRNA

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