Dealing with the Stresses of CRNA School

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 Dealing with the Stresses of CRNA School


CRNA School

CRNA school can be very challenging. Long study days and never ending call shifts can make you feel like a zombie. There are a few things to keep in mind when you start school. First, create a strong study habit and stick with it. They had a saying for us when I was in CRNA school, “It gets dark around here early”. What they were saying is that you can not fall behind. The huge amount of information that is thrown your way is unbelievable. If you stay responsible and study everyday you will do fine. Second, form a strong study group with 2-3 other students. This is the perfect number, because it allows everyone to participate and allows for excellent brainstorming. If you have a group larger then that it becomes counterproductive and nothing gets done. Everyone tries to participate, and it becomes hard to stay focused.


Next, you need to pick one thing that you are not willing to give up. Whether its working out, yoga, painting, running, etc you need to hold onto that one thing. The reason for this is that you will become so consumed with school you will start sacrificing things one by one, and before you know it, you don’t have a stress outlet. It is so important for you to be able to unwind somehow during the week. If you don’t then your grades and health will start to suffer.


Enjoy Your Time in School

CRNA school is a lot of work, but you you will have a BLAST! Even with all the tests and papers it will be a great experience. You will learn so much about yourself, and form friendships that will last for life. These friendships will also help you throughout the entire CRNA program. These are people you will be able to vent to and share your experiences with. Family is always a good source of encouragement, but they won’t fully understand what you are going through like your classmates will. CRNA school is also very hard on relationships. This needs to be discussed with your family, husband, wife, etc, before even starting.


My first day of orientation the director of the program actually sat down and spoke to the family of the new students. He told them about the long hours that school demanded. He warned them it would be stressful but very worth it in the end. I would have to agree with him. Good communication with your family is important. Finally, don’t get discouraged. There will be a point where you question whether or not you even want to be a CRNA. This is normal and will pass. Every student at one time or another feels this way. Stay motivated and before you know it you will look up and graduation will be just around the corner. CRNA school is will be a huge part of your life so enjoy the time you have in school. I wish you the best of luck.


John Keith | CRNA Career Pro

Chief CRNA

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“The first and most important step toward…success is the feeling that we can succeed.” (Nelson Boswell)

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