Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (CRNA School Clinical Experience)

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Arrow Head Regional Medical Center CRNA School Admissions

Colton, California


Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Review

“Great experience.. You work 65-80 hours a week, 45 on a good week.. You are on call 4-6 x a month including a call shift on weekends. Experience is amazing.  Patients are mainly ASA 3-4. The only thing is that we don’t get that many hearts, but we do lots of thoracics, neuro, spines, and GI cases like whipples!  We also get pretty great traumas! Definitely get OB numbers here, but they send us to San Diego for a month for OB rotation which is great! Staff is nice but they pimp a lot. You are autonomous pretty much in practicum 2.  The only bad thing is our number of cases is less than the national average. The cases we have are long! Its a county hospital and a teaching facility.  Prolly 100-150 cases less then the national average.” (S. Cates RRNA)


CRNA School Clinical Experience Summary

Even though this site has between 100 – 150 cases less than the national average, Nurse Anesthesia students here get great experience in bigger cases. The have a little more hours each week than some other places. 65 – 80 is a good number of hours for CRNA students to put in each week. Another great part of this site is the experience it’s students get in managing trauma cases. These types of surgeries require a lot of interventions (i.e. A-lines, central lines, blood administration, etc.) Once you are comfortable doing these cases all the others will seem like a breeze. A second OB rotation in San Diego helps you see how other places do anesthesia differently. You can learn new tips and methods that other CRNAs use in their practice.


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5 Responses to “Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (CRNA School Clinical Experience)”

  1. Hello Noreen,
    The Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton California is where you can expect to be asked a lot of clinical questions during the clinical phase of the CRNA school program. This is a common practice for CRNAs to quiz RRNA students, it’s just this site is known to do it a little bot more than others.

    John Keith | CRNA Career Pro

    • Hello Noreen,

      The attrition rate depends on which CRNA program you are in. For example Texas Wesleyan University’s CRNA school sends students to this clinical site, and their anesthesia program’s attrition rate averages 10%. This is for the entire class not just for the students at this clinical site. You can compare each CRNA school’s attrition rate, ranking, cost, requirements, and much more on on CRNA School Search page. Best of luck to you!

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