What Schools Look For During an Interview

The interview is the make it or break for you. This is where the school decides if they want to offer you a spot in their program. There are a few things you need to remember when you go. First STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!. Prepare for this interview like you life depended on it. You will be asked questions ranging from a simple “Why do you want to be a CRNA” to “Why do you give a patient who is having an acute myocardial infarction Morphine”? You need to know more than that it dilates the coronary arteries and increases blood flow. The truth is someone suffering from coronary artery disease has noncompliant vessels and their coronaries are already as dilated as they are going to get. They will not let you stop there.

An additional answer that they might be looking for is “Well, if a patient is having angina, then the sympathetic nervous system is being activated from the pain, thus increasing his heart rate, blood pressure, and increasing the myocardial oxygen demand of the heart which will lead to further damage from ischemia.” The main thing to take away from this is be prepared. The more answers you get right the better your chances. You also need to have a good sense of confidence without coming appearing cocky. CRNA schools don’t want students that already think they know it it all. Be humble and show them you deserve a spot on their program.What schools look for during a interview2.jpg.jpg