Mount Marty College Graduate Program of Nurse Anesthesia

Mount Marty College Graduate Program of Nurse Anesthesia

Mount Marty College,
5001 West 41st Street,
Sioux Falls,
SD 57106-1424.

Contact Information:

Phone:(605) 362-0100
Url: website

Program Summary:

This nurse anesthesia graduate program is formed around nursing and a pre-medical background in sciences and helps teach an in-depth application of these sciences to the wonderful art of anesthesia. The CRNA school is open to all nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or bio-medical sciences. After successfully completing national boards, all the graduates are well qualified to work in all areas of anesthesia as clinical practitioners, educators, administrators, armed forces all over the United States.

CRNA School Overview:

Program created: 1983
Ranking: 2.9 out of 5.0
Class size: 35-42
Attrition Rate: 4%
Tuition: website
National Certification Exam (NCE)
1st Time Pass Rate: not listed

CRNA Program Requirements:
  • License: Current RN licensure with Bachelor’s degree in nursing or other appropriate baccalaureate degree.
  • Work Experience: Minimum of 1 year (2 years preferred), full time experience as a RN in a critical care setting
    Accepted: Cardiovascular (CV) ICU, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Neuro ICU, Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU. Experience in an open-heart recovery unit also meets our ICU requirement.
    Not Accepted: step down or transition care areas, post-coronary care, intermediate care units, progressive care units, recovery room/PACU, operating room or emergency room.
  • GPA: Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale.
  • GRE: Minimum scores of 400 in verbal and quantitative
  • Certifications: ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)


Chemistry (2 courses)
Elementary statistics or epidemiology.


When you arrive at the interview, you will meet with me and a few students that are in the clinical phase of the program. You will be taken on a tour and will have a chance to meet a few other applicants and ask the students questions. Plan to be there for a few hours. Typically, there is a group of applicants for the morning hours and another group for the afternoon hours. You will be interviewed by 5-6 faculty members (professors, campus director). These members are split into 2 groups and you will interview with each group once. You will receive both clinical based and “meet and greet” type question. There is no test given during the interview at this time.

CRNA Program Setup:
Classes Start:





The program includes an initial didactic phase of 11 months, and a clinical phase lasting 19 months. The first semester is 100% didactic. The second and third semesters are 95% didactic and 5% clinical. The remaining semesters (19 months) are 95% clinical and 5% didactic .

Clinical Sites:

not listed

Disclaimer: Information on this page was gathered from the school's website and through phone interviews. A school's curriculum can change frequently, so we make sure that you are provided with the most up to date information. Our team regularly checks for any changes that CRNA programs make to their curriculum. The ranking of schools was based off of the 2011 US News World Report for Graduate Schools