Loma Linda University Nurse Anesthesia Program

Loma Linda University Nurse Anesthesia Program

School of Nursing 11262 Campus Street West Hall Loma Linda, CA 92350.

Contact Information:


Phone: 909-558-4923
Email: nursing@llu.edu, graduatenursing@llu.edu
Url: website


Elizabeth Bossert, PhD., RN Dean, School of Nursing

Program Summary:

Loma Linda University’s CRNA School offers of a Master’s of Science in with a focus in anesthesia. Their anesthesia program is made up of a didactically front-loaded portion and has a 30-month school curriculum. The school’s first 12 months focuses on instruction in advanced pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology along with the study of the principles of anesthesia. The anesthesia students take part in in-depth skills lab sessions and medical simulation experiences which are also utilized through the LLU Medical Simulation Center. The last 18 months of the program consist of full-time clinical practicum, that is aimed at providing students the opportunity to incorporate knowledge into clinical practice. Nurses often wonder how to get admission into anesthesia school. The application process can be tricky with all the requirements, deadlines, interviews, GRE exams, and everything else that is included. Our CRNAs wanted to help make the application process a little easier for people, so we created CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts. The eBook program uses a systematic approach for finding schools, meeting requirements, obtaining certifications, and creating a professional application that you will be confident sending to any anesthesia program.

CRNA School Overview:

Program created: 2011 Ranking: none reported Class size: 14 Attrition Rate: N/A Tuition: website National Certification Exam (NCE) 1st Time Pass Rate: 100%

CRNA Program Requirements:
  • License: RN licensure (RN in California before clinical courses)
  • Work Experience: Minimum 1 year, full-time critical care RN experience (in the U.S.) at time of matriculation (excluding orientation). Accepted: Adult critical care preferred, ER considered Not Accepted: experience is evaluated on an individual basis
  • GPA: Baccalaureate or Master’s degree in nursing from an accredited program Cumulative GPA – 3.0 or higher Science GPA – 3.0 or higher
  • GRE: Not required.
  • Certifications: Current certifications: BLS, ACLS, and PALS are required; CCRN (preferred).


Highly recommended courses: General Chemistry Introduction to Biochemistry


not listed

CRNA Program Setup:
Classes Start:



30 Months


Front loaded. First 12 months are comprised of instruction in advanced pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology as well as principles of anesthesia and core graduate nursing courses. Intensive skills lab sessions and medical simulation experiences are also incorporated via the LLU Medical Simulation Center. The final 18 months consist of full-time clinical practicum experiences, providing students the opportunity to synthesize knowledge into clinical practice.

Clinical Sites:

LLUMC & Children’s Hospital LLUMC East Campus Hospital LLUMC Outpatient Surgery Center LLUMC Heart & Surgical Hospital

Disclaimer: Information on this page was gathered from the school's website and through phone interviews. A school's curriculum can change frequently, so we make sure that you are provided with the most up to date information. Our team regularly checks for any changes that CRNA programs make to their curriculum. The ranking of schools was based off of the 2011 US News World Report for Graduate Schools