VA Medical Center Dallas (CRNA School Clinical Experience)

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VA Medical Center Dallas CRNA School Admissions

Dallas, Texas


Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Review

Good clinical site. I already have all my case numbers except for hearts. You get a good amount of central lines and art lines. Good staff. MDAs are ok. A few are a pain, but you get that every where. It’s tough love at the VA. No positive reinforcement. You usually leave around 4ish. No nights and NO call and you get every federal holiday off. (T. McCarthy RRNA)


 CRNA School Clinical Experience Summary

This site allows you to get a decent number of cases before graduating which is good. Nurse Anesthesia students at this site have a lot of opportunities for placing A-lines and central lines, which helps sharpen their skills. The lack of positive reinforcement is a drawback. In order to learn in CRNA school you need to feel like you’re making progress. A big part of that comes from CRNAs and Anesthesiologists telling you that you did a good job. Everyone likes a compliment every now and then. The fact that there is no call can be a good and bad thing. Call shifts are when you get most of your big cases (i.e traumas), so the CRNA students at this site are missing out on great learning opportunities. On the other hand being on call can be very stressful and physically demanding, so the nurse anesthesia students here are lucky in that aspect. Having every federal holiday off is a huge plus for people at this location. Most hospitals only recognize a few holidays which limits the amount of vacation days the nurse anesthesia students can take. Overall this is a decent clinical site in regards to experience, and a great site when taking about schedule.


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