Our Lady of Lourdes Nurse Anesthesia Program

Our Lady of Lourdes Nurse Anesthesia Program

1600 Haddon Ave.
3rd Floor
Camden, NJ 08103

Contact Information:

Email: LHSOLLMCNAP@lourdesnet.org 
Url: Website


Alice Jurski

Program Summary:

This program provides a Master of Science in Nursing degree as well as a Post-masters certificate in Anesthesia. Our Lady of Lourdes Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP)is fully accredited graduate nursing program and is located at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center on Haddon Avenue in Camden, NJ. Lourdes NAP is one of the leading programs of its kind in the region and has a rich history and experienced staff. (Our Lady of Lourdes Nurse Anesthesia Program)

CRNA School Overview:

Program created: 1950
Ranking: 2.1 out of 5.0
Class size: 20
Attrition Rate: 1.3%
Tuition: approx. $75,000
National Certification Exam (NCE)
1st Time Pass Rate: 100% in 2012

CRNA Program Requirements:
  • License: Require BSN degree.
  • Work Experience: Require a minimum of 2 years critical care experience prior to the start date of the program. Accepted: CVU, CCU, SICU, MICU, NICU, PICU/NICU Not Accepted: not specified. ER, IR, and PACU have been accepted provided that applicant can demonstrate familiarity with invasive monitoring, ventilators, and critical care pharmacology.
  • GPA: Cumulative undergraduate GPA 3.2 out of 4.0.
  • GRE: Not required
  • Certifications: None specified although BLS, ACLS, PALS are usually needed.


None specified although BLS, ACLS, PALS are usually needed. An undergraduate statistics course that includes descriptive and inferential methods


Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center has a nurse anesthesia interview process that are offered on several dates in the fall for applicants that meet entry level requirements.  The candidates will take a one hour test followed by an interview which will be conducted by the Nurse Anesthesia administrators.  They usually interview 4 people in one block of time.  The candidates meet several of the RRNA students while they are waiting to be interviewed.  You will be in the school of nursing, so you will be able to see the CRNA school’s classrooms.  They cannot have candidates tour the OR due to HIPPA issues. You should expect to be here about 2-3 hours. Interview questions vary depending on the applicant. 

CRNA Program Setup:
Classes Start:



27 Months


Students attend classes at the Lourdes hospital in Camden, New Jersey, and they accompany and assist faculty with daily functions throughout the facility. Rotations at local hospitals are an integral part of the education experience in the Lourdes NAP.

Clinical Sites:

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center (main principal site)
South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center (enrichment site)
South Jersey Healthcare Elmer Hospital (enrichment site)
Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience (required site- neuroanesthesia)
Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County (enrichment site)
Summit Surgical Center (required site- pediatric rotation)
Virtua Memorial Hospital of Burlington County (enrichment site- basic airway management)
Centennial Surgery Center (required site- ASA I & II patient populations)
Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center (enrichment site)
Oak and Main Surgery Center (enrichment site-ASA I & II patient populations)
Memorial Hospital of Salem County (enrichment site- community hospital environment)
Chester Crozer Medical Center (enrichment site- trauma)
Fellowship Spine Surgery Center ( enrichment site- pain management)
Vantage Surgery Center (enrichment site- regional anesthesia)

Disclaimer: Information on this page was gathered from the school's website and through phone interviews. A school's curriculum can change frequently, so we make sure that you are provided with the most up to date information. Our team regularly checks for any changes that CRNA programs make to their curriculum. The ranking of schools was based off of the 2011 US News World Report for Graduate Schools