Preparing for CRNA School Exams

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Our First Test in CRNA School

So… our first nurse anesthesia school test covered all of the mathematical formulas, airway equipment, physics, chemistry, and acid base disturbances. It doesn’t sound that bad looking back on it, but it was a hard test, and I wasn’t really sure what questions they might ask. I remember it was like reading a VCR/DVD player manual and being tested on it the next day.

At this point in the game I was in a study group. We would go to the library to study and try to make it fun. Since it was Physics and Chemistry, we just wrote down all the formulas and laws on the chalkboard. Apparently this CRNA school’s library hadn’t updated to 2013 and added marker boards yet. Haha. Once you get into CRNA school, you need to do what is best for you. Honestly, I study better by myself, so after a few tests I just stuck with that method.

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I Was Okay With an 88

The first exam required us to know how all of the nerves innervated the trachea, the chemical formulas of the volatile agents, which reminds me I missed them because I had memorized Sevoflurane had seven F’s, and on the test the Sevoflurane formula had 6 F’s, so technically that was not correct. I ended up making an 88 on our first exam. Honestly, I was happy for that grade. I’m not sure how everyone else feels out there, but what you make in the classroom isn’t going make you a better or worse clinician. It’s how you perform in the clinical setting that matters. I’ve never been a “straight A” student and have always made mostly B’s. I was perfectly content not stressing myself out trying to make all A’s in anesthesia school. As long as it was an 84 by the end of the term I was happy. 84 was the minimum passing score that you had to maintain in order to pass the program.

I’m a very visual learner. I can read all day long, and it’s not going to make sense until I see it or can apply it. Much of my studying involved additional YouTube videos for supplemental learning. One of the tips that I can give you for CRNA school is that if you are having a hard time understanding a concept try looking up a video on it. This helped me a lot, and is a great way to learn if you are more visual like me.

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Studying in CRNA School

Another thing I wasn’t prepared for in CRNA school was reading large amounts of material and being able to comprehend it. In my bachelors program I would read the notes a few times take the test and make fair grades, mostly A’s, B’s. Trust me in nurse anesthesia school you can’t do that. There is such an astronomical amount of material to learn, and there isn’t enough time to cover it all in class. So… you actually do have to read the books. Nagelhout is not on my top ten books I like to read, but a lot of test questions and board questions come out of that book. When I studied it, I would mostly focus on the pictures and tables. I’m not a fast reader, and sometimes I have to read the material more than once to really grasp what they are teaching. The great thing about my anesthesia program was most of the test questions came directly from the notes, depending on which instructor was teaching of course. Yes you could read the notes and pass, but if you wanted an A then you’d have to read the text.

Preparing for Nurse Anesthesia School Exams

Preparing for nurse anesthesia school is all about getting into a routine and staying there. When studying try to figure out what works for you, and do it over and over. Surviving CRNA school depends on wether or not you can adapt. The students who fail are the ones who couldn’t transition back into being a full-time student. Studying and preparing for tests in CRNA school is a lot different then any other college course that you have taken. They require more time devoted to studying and have a smaller margin of error. Below 84 is failing, and that can be overwhelming for some people. Just stay focused, study everyday, and enjoy your time in school. You have worked hard to get to this point. Best of luck to everyone!

S. Williams RRNA

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CRNA School Prep Course

Now you can start preparing right away for nurse anesthesia school with our Free CRNA School Prep Course located on our website. We have included 3 main topics 1) Induction Medications, 2) Inhaled Anesthetics, and 3) Paralytics, all of which you will see once you get into CRNA school. Our prep course also includes notes for studying, and a practice test after each of the 3 lessons. This is a great way to ensure that you are ready when CRNA school starts. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact us anytime!

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