LSU Shreveport (CRNA School Clinical Experience)

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LSU Shreveport CRNA School Admissions

Shreveport, Louisiana


Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Review

I like the shreveport clinical site. The CRNAs are really nice and give you a lot of autonomy. Once you know what you are doing they let you induce the patients and run the case. You get plenty of a-lines, neuro cases, and trauma. Even a major trauma every once and a while. There is a MDA residency program that gets all the complicated stuff like the hearts, OB and most pediatrics. But there are so many cases going on that the ones that they don’t do we end up getting. Its a huge hospitals with 17 ORs. The off site rotations are Alexandria, La  for hearts which is where I am right now. You get to do a lot of hearts. There are at least one to two every day that I get to do. The other is in Monroe, La and thats the OB rotation. Also,  there is no call but there is 7p-7a for a week at a time I’m going to try and get a job at the Shreveport clinical site. (L. Shepperd RRNA)


CRNA School Clinical Experience Summary

The great thing about this Nurse Anesthesia clinical site is the autonomy. Some of your best learning is when you are left alone to make decisions on your own. This allows you to develop your own system and way of doing things. The trick to becoming a great CRNA is to take all the tips and strategies that you learned during the clinical portion of the program and pick the ones that work the best for you. There will be some things you find more useful than others, so try and see as much as you can. The fact you get plenty of a-lines, neuro cases, and traumas is a huge plus. These are the types of experiences that will sharpen your skills as a student. The off site rotation in Alexandria, La  for “hearts” (CABG) is where you will get most of your central line experience. Placing a central line is a routine practice for these types of cases. Overall this site provides good solid clinical experience.


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