East Texas Medical Center Pittsburg (CRNA School Clinical Experience)

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East Texas Medical CRNA School Admissions

Pittsburg, Texas


Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Review

“This is a small rural 2 OR facility with a GI room. Closely-knit staff. Slow pace. Complicated comorbidities may cause the case to be cancelled. Dr. Juan Quintana is the clinical coordination, Region 7 director of AANA. Keep on your toes around him. Make sure you know how to get to the hospital before your first day. Brush up on TAP, interscalene, ankle, and axillary blocks. NYSORA is their preferred regional anesthesia reference. The hospital cafeteria has free food. The day starts at 0730 ends ~1430 most days. Overall was a great rotation site”. (P. Lewis RRNA)


 CRNA School Clinical Experience Summary

This rotation site in CRNA school is a great time for Nurse Anesthesia students to learn about regional blocks. Most clinical sites don’t allow enough time or opportunities for students to gain experience in these areas. If you are at this rotation site you should take advantage of it, and take notes. The site is slow paced, which is nice, because it allows the students time to try new skills without feeling rushed. Since all the staff are closely-knit the learning environment is more comfortable for the CRNA students. One bad thing about this location is the limited number of “bigger” cases. Most surgeries will be less invasive and with healthier patients. This takes away learning opportunities for the students. The schedule is pretty standard with an average number of hours each week. Lets not forget the free food in the cafeteria! This is huge for a broke CRNA school student.


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