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Get into CRNA schools

What Goes Into Choosing the Right CRNA School

There are over 100 CRNA schools in the United States. Choosing the right nurse anesthesia program for you can be tricky if you don’t know how to compare schools correctly. Every person wanting to apply to CRNA school will have different needs, which will effect which nurse anesthesia programs they apply to. This is why it is important for you to compare schools by cost, location, application requirements, deadlines, and many other factors that determine your success in the anesthesia program.

Our website has a unique CRNA School Search page that allows you to look at each school’s application requirements, tuition, class size, number of people interviewed, ranking, and everything else you will need during the application process. Also… you can take advantage of our e-book program “CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts” which will help guide you through the entire application process, and give you tips and strategies that current CRNA students used to get accepted into top nurse anesthesia programs.

Don’t Spend Hours Searching for CRNA Schools.

Not too long ago people would have to spend hours searching each CRNA school’s website in order to get all the information they needed in order to apply to their anesthesia program. Here is the good news, we have already gone through and done all the hard work for you. Our team of CRNAs have collected all the important information on every CRNA school in the United States. We then took each detailed school summary and put it into a easy to use CRNA School Search page. This allows you to easily compare schools and find the one that is perfect for you. Also included on our website is our CRNA guide called “CRNA Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts” which walks you through the entire application process. You will be shown how to choose a school, write personal essays, job shadow CRNAs, create a professional application, and get into CRNA school this year!

CRNA Career Pro

CRNA Career Pro Continues to be the Best Resource for CRNA School Applicants

Our company has helped more nurses get into CRNA school than anyone else on the Internet. No one comes close to providing such a complete and accurate guide to help you gain admission into CRNA school. We know this to be true because our CRNAs network with anesthesia programs all across the country. Applicants that use our CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts are consistently more competitive, do better in CRNA school interviews, write more powerful personal essays, and have stronger applications that can catch the eye of any CRNA program.

Choose a CRNA School That Meets Your Budget

CRNA programs can vary in cost all the way from free to over $100,000 in tuition. This is why it is important for you to choose schools wisely that meet your budget. You must also consider relocation cost, housing, school supplies, transportation, and any unexpected expenses. You can easily compare schools based on cost by using our CRNA School Search page. It organizes each CRNA school based on their total cost, which allows you to pick a school that fits your budget. Also provided on our CRNA School Search page is a detailed summary of what student loans are available to help you pay for school. A description of each government loan is provided.

How to Pay for CRNA School

CRNA Schools That Require the CCRN

If you do not have your CCRN, you should really consider taking the test. Not every anesthesia program requires it, however to be competitive you really do need this certification. It shows CRNA schools that are you are a competent critical care nurse, and can manage the acute patient. It also shows that you are well-versed with hemodynamic monitoring, vasoactive drips, EKG interpretation, ventilator management, and other skill sets that transfer over nicely to CRNA school. We can promise you that most applicants will have the CCRN, so your best bet is to acquire this certification, and make your application more competetive. If you are not able to attain the CCRN for whatever reason, there are still schools that you can apply to that do not require it. You can use our CRNA School Search page to see which nurse anesthesia programs want their applicants to have this certification.

CRNA Schools Based on Application Deadlines

It is important to know the application deadline of the CRNA school that you are wanting to apply to. CRNA schools can vary greatly on the time a year that their applications are due. Some schools even have year-round open application process, which makes meeting the deadlines a little easier. One of the most common mistakes we see applicants make is to not meet all the requirements needed prior to the application deadline. Missing a school’s deadline forces you to have to wait another year before applying to the anesthesia program. This can be a very frustrating mistake that you can avoid by using the CRNA School Checklist that comes in our CRNA career guide. This checklist will make sure that you acquire all the appropriate certifications, application fees, and other important items prior to the CRNA school application deadline.

Free CRNA School Interview Practice Test

Front-loaded CRNA Programs Versus Non-front-loaded Programs

Not every CRNA school has its curriculum organized in the same way. There are two distinct schedules that you can expect to see when comparing each anesthesia program’s outline. First you have what is called a front-loaded program, which consists of the first year being the didactic portion of school. This is where you have solely classroom work without taking any clinical courses. A font-loaded set up allows the students to focus more on the classroom material without having to simultaneously attend clinical at the hospital. This is a very popular way for schools to organize their program. Next we have a non front-loaded program, which is comprised of the anesthesia students simultaneously taking classroom courses along with attending clinical a few days a week at the hospital. This type of set up tends to make it a little more difficult to focus on studying and the coursework. A few days a week the students are required to wake up early and attend an eight hour clinical day, where they will practice intubations, arterial lines, epidurals, spinals, central lines, and other anesthesia related skill sets.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

If you are looking for a simple laid out guide to help you get into CRNA school please check out CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts. Our CRNAs will show you precisely what is needed for you to create a professional application, meet all the CRNA school application requirements, and put yourself far ahead of the competition. Our CRNA career guide has helped thousands of people successfully gain admission into CRNA schools all across the country.

If you already have a nurse anesthesia school interview lined up, you can take advantage of our Free Interview Practice Test, which uses real questions from actual CRNA school interviews. You will also be able to purchase our new CRNA School Interview: Bonus Pack, which includes over 500 interview practice questions. We also provide you with all the correct answers and rationales, so that you can start preparing now for an upcoming interview. If you would like more information about our CRNA career guide please don’t hesitate to contact us. We wish you the best of luck!!!

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